Office Companion provides the financial and operationalcontrols, reports, and interfaces for all operations within a fuel and logistics business encompassing wholesale and retail operations – manned or unmanned.

It interfaces to your Bank, to your Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT), and to your Retail Network. Associated businesses can be managed and consolidated through this powerful financial tool.
When combined, Office Companion and Fuel Companion software suites provide you with all the functionality you require to successfully run and grow your fuel distribution and retail business. It allows you to take customer orders over the telephone or web and to schedule them directly to your fleet of trucks. capture information once, report on it as you need store and retrieve, provide web access to your clients all the way back to the proof of delivery.

Add the functionality of Warehouse Companion and you improve dramatically the stock control over your Lube and other stock.

Warehouse Companion utilises the same hand held device as Fuel Companion and Retail Companion and the functionality becomes standardised across your Fuel Industry business.

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