A mobile solution which tracks loads and deliveries in the field, allows printing customer delivery dockets and invoices on the spot, and also provides signature capture at POD.

Improve Workforce Productivity

Our Fuel Companion software products allows your mobile workforce to stay connected with the office wherever they go. Using ruggedised equipment and GSM/GPRS mobile phone technology, the units are happy to go into whatever environment you would like to take them. Clients will need to check the intrinsically safe requirements of their individual workplace requirements.

No more waiting for paperwork to come back from remote sites means that you can improve your cash flow and reporting by getting the information direct from the units. We can customise an existing solution to your business to allow you include features that may be unique to you.

Improve your fleet management with our GPS add-on, which allows you to monitor where your trucks are so you can route new jobs to the closest available truck. Purpose built, designed and operationally functional to improve performance and processing in Fuel Industry businesses of all sizes.

Designed for your Workforce

Before developing the software, we took the time to interview drivers to find out what problems they were having with the existing computer solutions they were using, and what features they would like to see added. It proved vital as the Fuel Industry has very specific needs from on farm deliveries to on site to aviation we cover them all. Using this information we designed a truly comprehensive solution that is not only easy to use but meets all the requirements of day-to-day business. The system is easy to use, with an intuitive touch screen interface, as well as a numeric keypad for easy data entry. We provide comprehensive training and manuals as well as exceptional backup support.

Latest Technology

The software is designed around the latest technologies available in the Fuel Industry. The software runs on Microsoft’s mobile operating system, giving you piece of mind that you are not going to get locked into outdated technology. We integrate with a multitude of third-party equipment with more options being developed all the time. We know that you want to stay ahead of the field, and we do too, which is why we constantly update and improve the software as regulations and technologies change.

  • GPS event tracking functionality allows you to see where your trucks are as well as storing location coordinates when delivering so you can see exactly where a delivery took place
  • Barcode scanning of customers equipment to eliminate driver data entry mistakes
  • Integration to vehicle meters/diptronic devices to ensure correct volumes for deliveries
  • Integrated mobile phone communications means new data can be received on the road with a lower failure rate than typical 2 piece communication mechanisms
  • Runs on Microsoft’s mobile platform allowing you to run on a huge range of devices available on the market, with a multitude of accessories meaning you won’t be locked into any proprietary hardware
  • Written using latest .Net compact framework and SQL back-end making it state of the art, and a commitment to keep it that way as new technologies come onboard
  • Capture customer signatures at point of delivery and produce delivery dockets or invoices with signatures included
  • Full database stored on unit allows you to go outside mobile range and still use the unit in the field
  • Units are updatable in the field meaning less downtime when updates are released as units don’t have to come back to headoffice to be updated
  • Bluetooth support means that you can communicate with devices without having cables running all over your trucks
  • Detailed reporting capability, as well as ability to generate custom reports
  • Specifically designed for the Fuel Industry

When combined Office Companion and Fuel Companion software suites provide you all the functionality you require to successfully run and grow your Fuel Distribution and Retail Business. The ultimate in Fuel Industry Management Software.

Whether taking customer orders over the phone or web and scheduling them to your fleet of trucks, managing your wet and dry stock, or graphing your KPI’s, the Companion Suite of Software Products has got you covered.

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