We have employed the Office Companion Software and associated packages in our business since our Go-Live date in August 2010.

Since that time we have worked closely with the implementation and support team at Companion Software to ensure our conversion and associated processes are understood and implemented by our staff.

We are very happy with the support and interest in our achievements from the Companion Software staff and equally happy with the performance of the system. To name just a few improvements it has enabled us to more accurately identify costings, control staff, ensure adherence to company disciplines and provide general improvement in work flows which has and will allow us in the future to improve business manageability and or save administrative and operational costs.

Being an independent Distributor we have some unique requirements to that of a major fuel distributors operation and the implementation of the Office and Fuel Companion software has supported our operation across the board without exception.

We are still growing in the full utilisation of the system as our staff become even more familiar with the benefits of process change and reporting formats that have enabled us to deliver strong results to our owners and managers.

In short the system and the team at Companion Software have delivered on our expectations and we look forward to their continued support via our business association and developments the system will no doubt continue to provide us in the future..

Peter Hameister (CEO), LOGICOIL, JULY 2011

As a relatively new player in the supply of Software to the Fuel Industry these guys are punching above their weight. It is really no surprise though as they have years of experience in running Wholesale and Retail fuel outlets.

All the things that got me offside with Software providers in the past these guys understand as they obviously had it in their past as well.

I have requested quite a few customisations and they have worked with me to implement those suggestions or improve them which has in some cases given me more than I expected.

The biggest issue is how things are now done. In the past we were geared up to process transactions in some cases one at a time. The electronic world has arrived and with more management controls in place Office Companion has enabled us to reduce resources and increase our capacity and accuracy in processing.

A critical factor of the migration was to establish our Chart of Accounts early as this is the basis for all interfaces. It is the interfaces that makes the software sing that tune I have been searching for.

We are looking forward rather than processing post the event. The windscreen is much bigger than the rear view mirror and our vision is filling our focus on the capacity and possibilities for our business.

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